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Personalized Search Engine Optimization for Self Employed Small Business 

When I searched for a SEO service, I discovered that most of the individuals and companies catered to the larger corporation and were priced accordingly. I have a psychotherapy practice, a small business of one, not a company or big corporation. I also do not sell widgets which many of these companies are set up to market. When I found Synctech Digital, I was surprised the representative was taking time to listen to my story explaining why as a new business I cannot afford SEO services but need them. It’s a catch 22 that occurs when you are starting out – you need to spend money to make money, but that money has not arrived yet! Other SEOs did not care, I was small potatoes to them and not their target customer. Synctech Digital wanted to help and problem solved by showing me pricing that I could afford to start with and grow into pricier plans as income permitted. If I have a bad month I could skip a month or even cancel. I signed on and actually ended up going beyond the starter plan as I started to feel more confident with what they were going to do. Actually, my whole website needed to be rebuilt on a different platform and this is where I saw that they got who I was and what my mission is. My website is my mirror to the world of future clients as to who I am. I have watched them take my ideas further to make my site flow better and attract more people. Within days of initial optimization, phone calls to my practice have doubled and I am so excited to send people to my webpage for all the resources loaded there. I cannot recommend Synctech Digital more, especially if you are just a small business starting out. -Herb Cohen, Owner.

Search Engine Optimization
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