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how to write SEO content

How To Write SEO Content

SEO content writing is a tricky business. Walking the line between appealing to people and optimizing for a search engine can have you pulling out your hair. Working with keywords where they don’t fit soon has you writing copy that isn’t compelling or interesting. When considering how to writing SEO content, always remember, you are writing for people, not Google.

Haphazardly throwing in a few extra keywords won’t help you that much when what you really want is for people to find your website or blog informative and knowledgeable, driving them to take action.

Tips for Writing SEO Content

Write an engaging headline

If your headline doesn’t appeal to your target consumer, your click-through rate will be very low. You just crafted the perfect SEO article… for nothing. Pay attention to the time you spend creating a title that grabs the attention of your ideal reader because it’s the most crucial component of your article.

Another interesting thing to note is that headlines with numbers in them tend to get more shares on social media and attract more readers. They quantify the value of the content immediately and give the reader an idea of how long it might take to read it. Try titles such as “7 Tips for Marketing on Instagram” or “15 Reasons To Use Local SEO”.

Use keyword phrases

Instead of over-optimizing or stuffing keywords wherever they fit, try using keyword phrases. Keyword phrases increase Google rank and readability. Targeting these phrases is appealing to both Google and your reader, and it’s much easier than cramming a keyword or two into your article X number of times.

Use page links

Page links tell Google that you are sociable and knowledgeable in your industry. Linking to other authorities on the subject shows how much you value what other people create, and Google rewards those who make the sharing and accessibility of information seamless and compelling.

Write useful content

There is no substitution for writing good material. You should understand your target reader’s needs and engage them with actionable, meaningful content that is always relevant. Storytelling, humor, and honesty makes you more relateable, and people appreciate what’s real.

Bullet points emphasize what you want your reader to learn and ultimately do with the information you provide. The goal is to compel them to subscribe to your services or purchase your product. The more relatable you seem, the more trust you build, accomplishing that goal.

Length matters

You could write one hundred words on any given topic that interests your reader and throw it out there. Any fresh content better than nothing. But to really engage your readers, build brand recognition and credibility, and optimize for search, longer is better. Search engines value in-depth content. Aim for at least 600 words, but if you can write 1000+ words of informative material, then you should. It provides more value to readers, and you’ll have a lower bounce rate.

All of the information available on how to write SEO content, optimize, and stay relevant is overwhelming. These tips will get you started. Keep an eye on your analytics as you create new content to see what drives traffic to your site. Practice makes perfect, and the more you revitalize your content to keep it fresh, the more you’ll learn about what works for you.

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